Надежный сервис по хранению электронной почты и данных


Accounting and management system for transportation companies

ITMS explained in simple language

A simple to use accounting and management system designed to ease workflow of transportation companies.

Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS) – is a cloud based system (which means it's always available for you and your staff), where office team and drivers exchange work-related information. Office team creates records for the trips and assigns related drivers and vehicles. Then drivers fill the trip records with data such as expenses, refueling and mileages. After that driver's data is available for further processing for the office team and the accounting.


Who will benefit from ITMS?

The system will be especially helpful to transportation companies that operate long-term big-mileage trips because it provides an option for the drivers to turn in their expenses online, where the data is immediately available to the office team and the accounting in a convenient form. This greatly helps the accounting to spread the processing of the trip data in a balanced manner instead of waiting for a long time for the driver to visit the office to turn in a massive amount of data to process.

ITMS will help the driver as well – it will be possible to fill the data in a convenient time from any device that has an internet browser. And of course the system will be useful to the business owners who will have access to the business activities and figures, trip history and related expenses and mileages - everything is ready at hand.


  Trip history

  Expenses records for each trip

  Daily and full trip mileage records

  Fuel consumption records for each trip

  Set up average fuel consumption rate and the system will indicate in case it is exceeded

  Create calendar events with notifications (for instance, system will notify about vehicle document expiration)

  Chat for the system's users

  File sharing

  Integration with other systems (GPS tracking)

  An option to add new features based on your unique requirements


ITMS is developed in collaboration with a transportation company with specific business requirements at its core.

Many years of using of the system prove its real benefits.


Ease workflow of the accounting, office team and drivers

Works in web-browsers, on smartphones and tablets, available 24/7

All involved staff collaborates online

Support service

How to start using the system in your company?

Step No.1

(Optional) Fill the form below and get access to demo of the system, where you can familiarize with it.

Step No.2

Contact us and get price offer (depends on size of your vehicle fleet). After that we will sign a cooperation agreement.

Step No.3

We will setup the system for your company within 3-5 working days.

Step No.4

We will provide documentation and teach how to use the system, then you will be ready to start using it.

Know more about the product

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