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Online Store yet?

Still putting off an idea to create an online store? Why? What is holding you back - price, lack of time or knowledge? In fact, this is not complicated at all and does not require large financial investment! "eXpoint" offers to create your ideal online store quickly and cost effectively.


Choose a plan which suits you best


Online store with all necessary basic functionality*

Ready in:
3-5 days



An online store built around your wishes

Ready in:
depends on complexity


*"START" configuration includes: content in a single language (choose from: Latvian, English or Russian), mobile-friendly template design, delivery setting "pickup on spot", payment setting "pay on spot", basic reports and statistics, Google search-friendly links (SEO) and keywords, cookies and privacy policy basic documentation, information pages' templates (delivery, payment, warranty), hosting on our server and a single IceWarp professional email account for 12 months for free.

"START" configuration can be upgraded with additional functions at extra costs.

Why does having an online store matter?

The time of Covid-19 introduced new limitations and became a new challenge to business owners globally. Those who were able to timely adapt to the new circumstances and started to offer their products online were able to keep the business running and some got even stronger than before. Today electronic commerce is more important than ever and is one of the cornerstones for a successful business development.

What gains will your own online store bring to you?

It’s important for any kind of business owner, be it a manufacturer, small company, entrepreneur or a craftsman to reach for new customers and keep connection with the existing ones.

channel of sales

An online store will expand your selling capacity with a new option. Often online sales exceed the previously used selling model.

Accessibility freedom of the Internet

Your online store is open 24/7 and is not affected by external conditions. Your products or services are available to customers from around the world and can be set up in different languages and currencies.


An online store will ensure your business' operation during COVID-19 limitations thanks to online sales, payment and delivery. Your customer will no longer feel constrained from making a purchase by the necessity of physical visiting of your store and all the related inconveniences.


Our solution

  has modern mobile-adaptive design

  is easy to learn and use (very basic computer skills are enough)

  can be upgraded with wide array of all kinds of extensions

  can be integrated with payment and delivery systems

  has short deploy term (3-5 weekdays for the plan "START")

If you already run an online store...

...and it doesn’t really meet your expectations it’s worth to review its functionality, design, user friendliness and appeal to your customers. It’s possible that your online store requires certain technical improvements and design update according to the latest mobile device adaptation. “eXpoint” is ready to help you with that as well.


How does an online store get created?

Step 1

Send us a request

Fill the simple request form and we will contact you shortly to specify the details needed for the online store's development.

Step 2

Store setup

When the end result is confirmed, we will setup your online store within 3-5 weekdays (for plan "START").

Step 3

Access and learning

When the store is set up, you will be granted access to it as well as user's manuals. You will be able to familiarize yourself with usage of your store and add your products to it.

Step 4


Your online store's virtual doors are open!

Are you ready to improve your business and represent it online?

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